The Great Conjunction 2020 - Inauguration of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius


It’s  Winter Solstice 2020. We receive the most minimal duration of sunlight of the year, as the sun rocks up from human point of view, right over the Tropic of Capricorn, reaching it’s most distant point south of the celestial equator.

This door hinge for the season comes fully equipped with brand new Mercury, Sun, Conjunction and square batteries  above for us mortal inhabitants, systems and social constructs below;  Capricorn attired Mercury, Capricorn attired Sun, The Great Conjunction, a few interesting squares and a supportive trine aspect to bring some more light to the cosmic snapshot, all taking place December 21st 2020.

It is widely documented that the solstice was an important observation because peoples’ state of finances depended on monitoring the seasons, way back then. The Inca people used to celebrate this.

Interestingly, the cosmic poster boy of astrology, credited for it’s infamous retrograde motion, will hold hands in support with Uranus, the Che Guevara of the cosmos. Uranus currently bathes in Taurus, where it seeks sovereignty for what’s ours; from our tastes, comforts to our money and possessions, causing uproar if compelled to do so.

Mercury steps into Capricorn territory, which comes with it’s welcome to Capricorn pack, inclusive of agenda and activities. Here, Mercury is logical, serious, persistent, realistic, seeking to crystalize ideas.

The trine, 120 degrees and commonly 4 signs apart is the aspect that describes the supportive alignment connecting the two.

Put it all together, Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus and we have a chance for mind liberation, unbiased enlightenment and we can possibly be fast learners in the sense of looking after our money with the modern finance innovation, bitcoin , which has traded at it’s highest value to date. New forms of currency seem to lurk, such as cryptocurrency, even the Facebook Libra coin. Trust that to have a zodiacal name.

Before wrapping up the mercury trine Uranus aspect, as Raymond Merriman stated in his Forecast 2018 book, all security related happenings are threatened with disruption, culminating in insecurities with Uranus in Taurus. Additionally, maybe world leaders really do need to make a conscientious effort to avoid threatening security, much to the disappointment  of the people, which could cause commotion.

So let’s hope this supportive alignment above unwraps futuristic and enlightening insights that are effectively communicated to get us out of a social rut, below.

As the old adage goes, ‘to whom much is given, much is tested’. There’s the dynamic trine, which removes some of the hard graft from life and then there’s the 90 degree square that demands work. Mercury forms a square to wounded healer archetype Chiron in Aries. Despite the progressive thinking, this is the resistant belt of it all and we may feel like we are straining at the leash within.

Mercury is often referred to as the winged messenger of the Sun. Mercury is rarely ever more than 2 signs away from the sign that the Sun is in. Interestingly, Mercury will be ‘in the heart of the Sun’, as the luminary and the winged messenger share the very genesis degree of Capricorn. There has been drastic downsizing and restructures in organisations and workforces, as the global pandemic and the notion of health remains at the forefront of the world’s stage. Health asteroid Hygeia (Asteroid no. 10) also stationed retrograde in the sign of Leo,  8th December 2020  before the total eclipse. The last time it stationed direct in Taurus on 20th Jan 2020. Prior to that, it went retrograde in Gemini 2 Oct 2019.