The  Houses


So you have the principles of behaviour, the 12 distinctive ways the principles behave.


The Hororscope is divided into 4 quadrants, each containing 3 areas, resulting in 12 houses, which shares themes with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

, resulting 

Now you have the precise everyday areas of life where all this happens, where these energies manifest in the outside world, gaining  experience to contribute to the collective psyche.

Your mind is cordially invited to enter  and participate in the 12 divisions of space, above or below the horizon, called the 12 houses.

By experiencing the 12 houses, you can discover yourself, your true identity, taking on the invitation to unfold your life plan.

I have gained invaluable insights, learning the symbols and principles and would love to help you clear away the nebulous mist, encouraging you to help others clear theirs too. Now you see where I get my name from. 

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