Q & A
Q: What sign am I most compatible with?

A: There are several indicators.  You may be familiar with elemental compatibility like Capricorn-Pisces, Gemini-Libra, Cancer-Scorpio but astrologers use planets as principles and use these in compatibility too, which I will elaborate on

Q: It is great that you can give me so much insight on my star sign but how can I get a more personalised reading?

A: You just need the date, time and birth location

Q: Can I get one if I don't my time?

A: I can do chart rectification, which involves fine tuning the 'you meet world' -'world meets you' part of your map. 

Q: What's the difference between a star sign and an individual natal chart?

A: A star sign shows what makes someone feel centred. A natal chart  is a  map of the heavens at that moment in time from a specific point of view from a specific moment in time.

Q: What is astrocartography?

A: This is the process of seeing where your energies are best placed placed across the globe