The Elements, the signs


The 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water) express themselves in 3 modes, birthing the 12 signs of the zodiac, which are named after 12 constellations. (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)

These 12 signs contain their exclusive human qualities, virtues, characteristics.

 A planet’s expression is modified by the different characteristics of the sign that it is placed in.

The Signs show how the areas of personality are expressed.

Introducing Aries

(infant of the zodiac)

March 21st - April 20th

Mantra - I am      Slogan – Nothing ventured, nothing gained

If Leo is the campfire and Sagittarius is the Olympic flame, then Aries is the spark

Symbol - The Ram

Planetary ruler – Mars

Day - Tuesday

Element – Fire 

Mode - Cardinal

Sun – Exalted here

Part of body – Head

Goal – To exercise the will and life force to be an independent, headstrong, initiator, pioneer and trailblazer without being confined to authority or rules, with autonomy, vitality, courage

Movement -  Aries natives are quick, courageous and at the forefront.  They are the first ones there. The spirit of Aries starts what Taurus sustains.

​Aries natives are invited to be the hero, warrior but also have a side to them that is known to run roughshod over emotions and destroy. They are survivors and daredevil tendencies are not uncommon with this sign. Natives of this sign are known to 'Do now, think later'.


Ailments - Headache/migraine



Leader, courageous, honest, passionate, confident, determined, active, initiator, energetic, strong-willed, enterprising, lively



Impatient, short tempered, blunt, hurried, inconsiderate, aggressive



0-9.99°- Aries/Aries – Highly energised, lively, spontaneous, contemplative, convictive

10-19.99° - Aries/Leo – Adored, Stand out, courageous with a will to win, appreciate of loyalty

20-29.9° - Aries/Sagittarius – Big outlook on life. Doesn't like restrictions on personal freedom, loves leisure and travel.


Planets in Aries

Sun ☉ - Who/what we want to be identified as, vitality, what makes us feel centred, hero's journey

Sun in Aries – Self assertion and independence is central to the development of the native


Moon  ☽ – The personal you, soul care, what secures you, safety, family, nurturing, daily needs, rhythm

Moon in Aries -  Enjoys its own company, feels more vital through exertion and drive. Self-assertive, fiery and prompt to react. Built to meet goals, deadlines. Autonomy and adventure is required for these natives.Feels secured by competition. These natives require challenge.

Mercury ☿ - Early learning, analysis, communication, perception, trade, short journeys, siblings,  flexibility 


Mercury in Aries – Single minded, can make up the mind quickly and deduce conclusions quickly

Venus ♀︎ - What harmonises you, what you value, what you wish to see reflected in others, style of relating, taste, presentation, beauty, sense of attractiveness, sensual pleasures, art, socialising, relationship, mediation, money

Venus in Aries – Likes the thrill of the conquest, spendthrift

Mars ♂ - How we hunt for what we want, passion, animal instincts, sexual style

Mars in Aries – Straight for the goal, direct, humorous

Jupiter ♃- Growth, expansion, religion, education

Jupiter in Aries – Natural Leader, values independence and self-autonomy

Saturn ♄ -  Restrictions, biggest fears vs greatest lesson/triumph, authority

Saturn in Aries – Restrictions with assertion

Uranus - Innovator, awakener, revolutionary, individualistic

Uranus in Aries – Radical, innovative, warrior for freedom, rebel with a cause

The Midheaven or MC is the door to the reputation and social standing

Aries on the MC 

Sovereignty, entrepreneurial-ism, Bringing decisiveness where there is uncertainty, being instinctive, working freely where there is risk or a need to be independent is important here.


The 2nd house pertains to material possessions, values, sense of worth

Aries on 2nd house cusp

Attitudes towards money are innovative and spontaneous

The 6th house pertains to lifestyle management, health, service, daily routines, pets.


Aries on 6th house cusp


Enjoys freedom, especially when responsibility has been given and the native here doesn’t need to report to authorities.


A 6th house cusp native needs to be high spirited and excited in the job otherwise they are likely to get bored and leave.They can be a thrill seeker.

Accepting challenges and growing through them


Expansion in fighting spirit and spontaneity

Polarity – Aries - Libra

North Node aka the dragon’s head is the invitation

North node in Aries implies risk taking, imitative and spontaneity lead to success. These natives need to avoid complying to the requests of others, willing to please. They are invited to be more decisive, daring and sovereign. Natives are invited to not be concerned with offending others

South node is the gift that we are advised to disseminate

South node in Aries It is natural for a native with this placement to be wilful, independent. However, the difference between the north node and south node here is that the native is invited to be a warrior/hero for others.


Celebrity Examples

DJ Premier – pioneer of sampling/boom bap New York Hip Hop sound. Has his own record company

Lady gaga – First artist to win a grammy, academy, BAFTA, golden globe award in one year.

First female to receive 2 nominations for best video at the same ceremony

First woman with 5 US number 1 albums in the 2010s

Marc Jacobs – Head designer for his own fashion label/ was creative director for Luis Vuitton

MC Hammer – His rise to fame was rapid, he was an entrepreneur, pioneer of pop-rap

Lucy Lawless - Xena warrior princess - Enough said

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