7th April 2020

Pink Libra Supermoon

The Pink Supermoon shines a cosmic spotlight on the importance of relationships, partnerships, home and family. Especially, in light of lockdown, we could experience tensions and pressures. The moon principle of the  personal you, soul care, safety, security, family, nurturing, daily needs, rhythm will get tested, especially with a crisis point aligbment made to Pluto

Aries Sun Semisquare Venus

Hard work might get in the way of social activities

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Communication isn't clear

Mercury sextile Jupiter

Mercury sextile Pluto

Delving into the non-superficial, researching deeply, forming your opinion.

Venus in Gemini Trine Mars

Very light-hearted ways of communicating. Popular affectious appeal

Venus Trine Saturn

Aquarius Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars Square Uranus

Erratic risk taking energy permeates our

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

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